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Hi, my name is Charles. You may have come across this site by chance but I am hoping that you have seen or even bought one of our plants in a garden centre or farm shop and want to know a bit more about how, where, and by whom it was grown.


We are Quinky Young Plants. That is myself, my family,  and a group of loyal people that help with the seasonal peaks and troughs of the horticultural industry. What we have in common is that we love living here in Pembrokeshire and we have been lucky enough to find work that we enjoy (most of the time). We have a commitment to produce plants with integrity, plants which are fit for their purpose and  that will give pleasure either by enhancing your view or enhancing the food that you prepare. We like to think that we are an antidote to the sterile corporation and the mass market. We do what we do because it gives us pleasure and we grow the plants we grow for the same reason. We won’t get rich doing this but we go to work each day with a sense of purpose and pride in what we do and we get to live in one of the most beautiful and unspoiled places in the UK.


We grow all our plants from cuttings and seeds on our nursery in Pembrokeshire. They are mostly potted into compost that is peat free. We only pot into 1 litre pots. This is because, as far as the herbs are concerned,  we wanted to offer a large, robust plant that you can take home and use in your cooking on the day that you buy it but also one that will thrive (unlike most supermarket herbs) when planted out in the garden.

  For the alpine plants a 1litre pot will give you a good substantial plant that will create instant impact in the garden.

For the taller, mainly summer flowering perennials the 1litre pot is too small to sell the plant in flower but by purchasing one of these in its green state you are getting excellent value for money and if planted in spring or early summer these will fair much better in the border than plants that are purchased in flower in a 2 or 3 litre pot in summer.                                                                          


 Our plants are grown without any artificial heat or light. The stock plants for the cuttings raised varieties all spend time outside in the wind and the rain and the cold. We believe that this produces a plant that is robust and far more capable of thriving outside in the UK than one that is grown in a glasshouse in Israel or under sodium lamps in Holland.

The herbs are not treated with any pesticides. Insect pests, where present,  are much less likely to damage a more robust plant than one that is grown “softer”. There are some pests, such as whitefly and red spider mite which could cause problems if allowed to get out of hand. We control these with Plant Invigorator which is basically a liquid feed that has some pest control properties.

The compost for our ornamental plants (not the herbs) is treated to protect them against attack by vine weevil larvae. Most UK growers would do this as it is almost impossible to grow any susceptible plants without it. Once planted in the garden the risk of vine weevil attack is far less acute.                                      


The short answer is that we do. My guess is that most of the people that shop in garden centres are unaware of the industry that supplies them. They have never seen a glasshouse watered by a computerised gantry system or potting machine or a robotic transplanter. Most people are not aware that the little plant that they buy could easily have started life in a highly mechanised glasshouse in Israel or Italy or even Africa. Some of these plants are great quality. Some of them are not. Some are grown in conditions approximating those of the UK. Some are not.  All of them have been transported vast distances by air and road on the route to your garden. My guess is that very few of them have been grown with the care and consideration that our small, enthusiastic team lavish on our plants. We are proud of what we do and would love to hear from anyone that has bought our plants even any that did not live up to expectations. Please email us with any queries that you have but most of all enjoy your plants whether you are cooking with them or just looking at them out of the kitchen window.