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First proper frost

Charles Warner

We already had a light frost. one that you wouldn't notice unless you were up early. This morning though I went out onto the nursery and the bright wheeling stars were enough to tell me that this was our first proper frost. As I write this the horizon is starting to glow and the stars to fade. Every leaf of every plant is adorned with an even coating of ice crystals. The air is as still and quiet as a vault. An owl hoots.

I rejoice in this. This is normal. This is how it should be. November 7th and we get a decent frost. there is nothing to worry about. As the sun rises and the ice burns off, the plants will stand up proud and rejoice in the early winter sun. Even the herbs which tend to be less hardy than our ornamental plants will thrive in temperatures down to minus 5. What does not kill us makes us stronger, or so it is said, and this applies very well to plants. Plants respond to tough conditions by toughening up their act. A tougher plant will not only fend off the cold but also any insect pests or diseases that are flying around in the environment. My experience tells me that plants carry this innate hardiness with them for the rest of their lives. For this reason I would always favour plants that start their lives in the area that they are to be planted. I suggest that you ask the garden centre where the plants that you buy come from. they probably won't know. They may have bought them from a wholesaler in Belgium or a nursery in Gloucestershire but they could have started life in Africa, Italy or Israel. If the garden centre can't tell you where the plants were grown then find one that can.

Our plants start their live in Wales. We take the cuttings. We sow the seeds . We pot them and we sell them all in Wales (or very near). So if you live in Wales look out for grown in Wales labels and bench signs. If you can't find them then let us know and we will do our best to direct you to them.

Oh and dress up warm today and get out there..................Charles

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