Grown in Wales

Grown in WalesGrown in WalesGrown in Wales



November. Spring is upon us

Charles Warner 

I think that it is important to understand anything that you want to sell commercially. The way to understand plants. Really understand plants, is to get down on your hands and knees amongst the moss and the fallen leaves and to take a good hard look.

On the forest floor acorns are germinating in November. If you look hard enough under the leaf litter so are many other tiny plants. I guess that if they germinate now they are protected by fallen leaves during cold spells and probably grow a little during mild spells so that they are just a bit further forward in the spring.

With that in mind we sowed Parsley and Chives last week with no artificial heat. I am hoping that they will germinate and then just sit there through the cold spells and be ready to start to grow on sunny spring days. I'll let you know how they get on

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