Grown in Wales

Grown in WalesGrown in WalesGrown in Wales



You know it's autumn when

Charles Warner

Charles Warner

October 17, 2011
10:04 am
Thank you Janine. I have never seen so many geese coming over each morning than we have this years. I hope that the plants that you bought continue to give you pleasure.


October 13, 2011
3:22 pm
I was in my garden in St Dogmaels this morning and I saw the geese coming over. They make a lovely sound, very evocative, like a curlew. I think that my daughter knew Bethan and Caitlin when they were at St Dogmaels school. I also have some of your plants in the garden. A lovely houseleek and some mint and some rosemary. They are all doing very well. We bought them in the garden centre opposite Tesco back in the spring. Very pleased with them
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