Grown in Wales

Grown in WalesGrown in WalesGrown in Wales



Some photographs to remind us what to expect in the spring

Charles Warner

The wind streaming in from the west is still moist and a little too warm but its bluster and the longer nights heralds autumn and the road to winter. It's time to put on some decent waterproofs and get out to the rocky coast to watch powerful seas and wheeling gulls. No harm though in a quick reminder of what lies ahead in the spring.

Phlox    guiseppi   geranium   Moroccan mint

Here's an idea: That lovely lush looking mint up there is Moroccan mint. It's particularly suitable for mint tea. keep a big container of it out by the back door. Cut off a goodly wodge of it when you need a refreshing drink (don't be stingy) rinse it off then put in a tea pot and make a big pot full. Try it hot but I prefere to put it in the fridge, and take it cold with honey.

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