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Charles Warner

I have sciatica. It's fine during the day when I'm moving about but at night, when I'm lying down it painful enough to keep me awake. So I get up , Find a David Sedaris clip on youtube and I paint the kitchen.

It's taken a long time to get from plans in an architects office to painting the kitchen and although I designed the house to be straightforward to build, it's taken a lot of work. As such I don't take any of it for granted. With the Rayburn firde up it's the warmest house I have ever lived in. The kitchen is spaceous and easy to work in and I love the slate floor . I'm reaching the final straight now so there's the fireplace to build in the Living room and a bit of tiling to do and the ensuite to finish and a vacuum cleaner to buy.

I've not had a vacuum cleaner for a while. While I built the house I was in a caravan and there just wasn't enough room to vacuum properly. But I knew where to go to get one. In the guild hall marketin Cardigan, right down in the left hand corner as you face west, there is a guy that sells vacuum cleaners. Now I guess that I could have gone to Argos or Currys or Comet. I could have gone on line I guess but I wouldn't have ended up with Henry. Numatic are a Somerset company that build  , mostly industrial, cleaning machines. For the domestic market they build the Henry which has got quite a following among vacuum officionados . I now know that it's the litres of air that is sucked which is more important than the wattage of the motor. I know that it's a good thing that all the implements and parts can be bought seperately and I have seen the robust nature of the Henry fan and compared it to some of its competitors. If you have not seen them Henrys they have a face on them which i found off putting (being a bit blokey I would have gone for something more engineered looking like a Miel perhaps) but I'm told that they sell more cleaners because of the face so who am I to argue.

The reason that I mention the purchase of my cleaner is the guy that sold it to me. I would like to guess that he was taking electrical things apart since before he left primary school. He knows this stuff inside and out. He actually cares that you get the cleaner that is going to be right for you. Whenever we can we should be buying our stuff from guys like this. It's so easy to be pulled in to the big stores with their shiny proffessionalism and if I wanted an extended warranty and a care plan then I would probably use them. What I wanted though was a good vacuum cleaner that would work on both my slate floor and my carpets and wouldn't break down or have the motor burn out in a couple of months and that was exactly what he sold me. I also gained a bit of knowledge and helped a medium sized company in Somerset keep it's people in work. I've even begun to quite like the little face.

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