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What a time to start our blog

Charles Warner

It is the 10th of October 2011 and it's time for Quinky Young Plants to begin a blog. I guess the first thing to do is to introduce mysef. My name is Charles. I am the owner of Quinky Young Plants and I have never written a blog before. If you have found this then my guess is that you have bought one of our plants in a Welsh garden centre. If so please allow yourself a little round of applause and a heartfelt thank you from myself and my small team. My intention in writing this blog is to forge a connection between ourselves and the people that buy and use our plants. Sometimes I might rant and rage at things that are not related to horticulture at all and sometimes I expect I'll go on about the trivia of life in a small business such as what music we have been listening to and what wildlife we have spotted around the nursery. Most of all I want to share the ups and downs of our little horticultural business so that you, our customers can see that behind...

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